Sunday, 21 February 2010

Who Needs Sugar to Get High?

We have just waved goodbye to our last guest - a small get together of family and friends to celebrate our gorgeous boy's 10th - yes 10th - birthday! What a lovely afternoon, good company, good friends. I was so nervous at the thought of feeding so many people but managed two shifts - one kids party feast and something a little more sophisticated for the adults. They came, they ate, they stayed, they didnt want to go...that surely means they enjoyed it? What a complete difference to the sadness and tears of last weekend, and how we needed it. I am on a massive high this evening and i wasnt the one who consumed half my weight in choccy birthday cake......

However now i am ready for this........

Can't wait to snuggle down for a couple of hours with this..........

Its a lovely lovely book and perfect for this time of the year - it has some beautiful photographs, and proves that you don't have to be an expert to enjoy your garden. Bring on the sunshine....

Now, did someone mention chocolate cake?

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Weathering The Storm

How appropriate. A much loved Christmas present from DH has once again become a comfort. It depicts what we are and what we will always be - a couple loving each other in the midst of domestic chaos and home and all the ups and downs that brings. The little fox terrier will always be a part of our life too, which is why this Nicola Slattery print is special to me.

Thank goodness for a touch of sunshine this week pouring in the windows and making the house seem brighter and lighter at last - I spied some tulips appearing at last. I had planted them in a torrential shower last year and refused to come in till i had finished all 100 of them - by then the soil had turned to mud and I was covered from head to toe with rivulets running down the waist of my jeans and into my knickers - nice!. DH had given up after the first dozen and watched with concern from the warmth with a cup of coffee in hand, occasionally opening the window and shouting "Oy, you'll catch pneumonia you know!!!" Every gorgeous bloom will be enjoyed with a real sense of satisfaction.....every single one had better raise its head or there will be trouble!!!

Thank you so much for your kind comments about our Lucy-dog. They really helped me to accept what happened and remember her how she used to be.

Have a happy weekend x

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Unbearable Sadness

I know life has its up and downs and we must bear them all and carry on, but we lost a dear member of our little family yesterday and her death has left a big hole that we will never fill. Lucy was a real lady, our gorgeous girl and a complete mischief-maker. The last couple of years have been difficult as she reached the age of sixteen and was simply wasting away, but once she began to look sad and never complete contentment in life we had to do the kindest thing for her, and the most difficult thing for us.

I thought we had come to terms with it, that it was the right thing to do, but since it happened i felt like part of our home has been torn out. I knew we would never have another summer together, walking through the fields, watching the birds, snoozing in the sun. I will miss her.

Thank you so much, our darling girl, you were so special. Please forgive us, we hope we gave you a happy life - we loved you so. Rest in Peace.xxxxxxxxxxxx