Sunday, 14 February 2010

Unbearable Sadness

I know life has its up and downs and we must bear them all and carry on, but we lost a dear member of our little family yesterday and her death has left a big hole that we will never fill. Lucy was a real lady, our gorgeous girl and a complete mischief-maker. The last couple of years have been difficult as she reached the age of sixteen and was simply wasting away, but once she began to look sad and never complete contentment in life we had to do the kindest thing for her, and the most difficult thing for us.

I thought we had come to terms with it, that it was the right thing to do, but since it happened i felt like part of our home has been torn out. I knew we would never have another summer together, walking through the fields, watching the birds, snoozing in the sun. I will miss her.

Thank you so much, our darling girl, you were so special. Please forgive us, we hope we gave you a happy life - we loved you so. Rest in Peace.xxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. I'm so sorry. I have a Lucy too & dread the day that she leaves me.

    You really have shown her your love by making that hard final choice for her.


  2. i bet she thanks you for the lovely life you gave her ;0)...hard to let the precious things go...but u did what was kind...and that shows the beauty of ur heart ;0)xx lovely blog xx

  3. Oh it is so sad to lose such a good friend but be comforted in knowing that you gave her a lovely life and lots of love- which is a life well lived!
    Warmest Wishes to you and your family,
    Cally x

  4. What a pretty girl she was and I am sure you did make her life special.
    My George is 15 now and waisting away, yet his face looks so young really.
    Chin up.x