Saturday, 17 July 2010

Did a whirlwind just visit?

Ok ok, we did it. After saying we didn't want another four-legged one we found we couldn't do without. Introducing Mollie. Or Mollie Bianca Snowdrop to give her full name. The last few weeks have been completely chaotic - the garden and house have been neglected, chewed and peed on. My vegetables have suffered from a lack of attention and i haven't had one home grown tomato yet, i haven't been able to potter and enjoy. BUT my time is taken up with cuddles, puppy kisses and someone who is very clever and very very cute.

Unfortunately our visit for lots of cuddles at school was cut short yesterday by a bee sting, which left us both in shock - and Mollie very very sad in her bed trying to keep her very sore poorly paw out of the way. Thankfully she is back to her old happy self today:

Apart from the last very windy week thank goodness we have enjoyed some sunny weather in the garden. We are off for Mollie's first picnic tomorrow, fingers crossed this wind dies down and we get some blue skies....happy holidays everyone.


  1. She is adorable! Hope her paw is better now.


  2. oh how cute is she !! I would never get anything done either, very sweet. Hope she enjoys her picnic xxx ps love your blog x

  3. Hi, just found your lovely blog, and my heart did a leap when I saw your adorable Mollie, she is a wire fox terrier is,nt she? I so want want ,i have a thing for wire fox terrier, if you visit my blog and look at past postas, you will see what i mean!! She is so lovely, where did you get her from? I have a 16 year old Norfolk terrier and 15 year old jack russel, when they depart for doggie heaven ( not that i can bear the thought!!) i will eventuallly get a foxxy, i will be back, more posts about Mollie please! best wishes Linda