Sunday, 2 January 2011

Happy New Year

Well, it has come and gone and has been a lovely quiet family time for us with a chance to realise what a happy family we are. I am inspired by a new year, looking forward after a difficult six months if i'm honest and still not resolved but hopefully getting there. I find this time of the year a little easier than some, i think, as there are two birthdays to look forward to. I have truly felt that home is home this year, a real haven from the busy world.

Don't you find yourself longing for a bit of green though? I can't help flicking through magazine, book and blogs searching for inspiration - do gardens really transform themselves from this muddy mess? I have organised veg growing in anticipation and for once tried growing garlic and broccoli at this time of the year - it is supposed to be ready in a few months but it doesnt look promising.

I so love reading everyone's blogs and feel a bit of an amateur when it comes to keeping up mine, i need to improve, and my photography skills leave a little to be desired!!!!! Here's to another 12 months of happy home-making, may we continue to inspire each other. I don't set myself New Years Resolutions, to my undisciplined mind they are made to be broken, but i look back and see what i have achieved and what i could have done better.

Well, its time to take the tree down, cards down, hoover up pine needles and pack away. Lets hope before very long we will be spring cleaning!

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