Friday, 10 April 2009

Easter Weekend 2009

Well, this is my first blog so i hope i can get it to work! I have enjoyed so many of your blogs over the past few months i have decided to start my own in the hope that it will be half as good as many of my favourites.

I am not very artistic but having been inspired by the Easter trees I saw while away in Switzerland recently i decided to have a go at creating one, and i am so pleased with the result. I am a terrible perfectionist, but this actually turned out exactly as i saw it in my head, so i am proud of it. Maybe they will catch on and next year we'll all have one.....

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  1. Welcome to blogland!
    Thank you for your kind comments. Blogs are a brilliant way to find inspiration.
    In andwer to your question, just visit and leave a comment, hopefully people will come and visit you and leave a comment!
    I have added you to my blogs that I follow.
    Carol x