Tuesday, 21 April 2009


The sunny days have meant more time outside but it hasnt stopped me wanting to continue my quest to transform my home into somewhere that reflects more of "me". I find my greatest satisfaction in banishing any evidence of previous occupants and making the place mine. With the current financial situation this is taking longer than I would have liked but you have to start with the basics don't you, and my hard work has paid off so far. I have a dilemma though. Its nice to know exactly what i want to achieve when i start a room, which is to ban the purples, oranges and yellows of the previous owners and replace them with neutral calm, but i have a passion for pretty things! No sooner do i clear out my clutter to make room for new decor, I find girlie stuff creeping back! My bedroom is my haven at the moment as the room i have finished, it all just seemed to fall into place...

I am trying to find some inspiration for my lounge now as i would dearly love to have somewhere to curl up next winter without despairing at the current bright yellow curtains, green walls and dark varnished woodwork. I don't know where to start really.

Why is it that our darling men aren't happy unless there are large televisions, plenty of new technology and wires trailing around, or is that must mine? I have metres of wires to hide so need to find a chest to put the tv on. He is happy to curl up and watch the footy in near darkness with curtains falling off the rails, wonky pictures on make do hooks, and wires to trip you up wherever you walk. I can't walk into the room without agonising how to improve it.....I have already installed a fire into what was an empty hole in the wall....

I am now on a quest for the perfect stone coloured paint colour - not too yellow, not too grey! An impossible task it seems, and i am getting bogged down in it now! I know i should go for plain linen curtains but my sofa is plain linen, and i love crewelwork fabric.....and there are so many linens!!!!aaaaaaahhhh! I am not a natural interior designer, so all advice gratefully received ladies!

Before i started on my quest for interior perfection, I had a lovely little something in the post this morning from a new friend Caroline from Patchwork Harmony. I had won a "pay it forward" gift from her and she sent me a little prize, my first, how exciting (and i was!)

A lovely fridge magnet - perfect timing as my fridge is groaning under the weight of all the new term school letters!

Thank you so much, and so as i have received such a lovely gift i am going to pay if forward and spread a little happiness....the first 3 people to leave a comment on this post will receive a surprise gift from me, and all you have to do is then do your own 'pay it forward' post and give a gift to your some of your readers!

Finally, it has always moved me that all your lovely blogs are so cheerful and happy and really do celebrate the little things in life, which is so important, as life isnt always as perfect as we would want. I am always inspired by what you write and the things you all get up to, thank you so much for welcoming me to blogging I really appreciate it. x


  1. Haha... my husband is exactly the same, function over style all the time. I'm also a fan of function but it has to look good too.
    I love the embroidered/lineny type fabric amongst the swatches.
    Your wardrobe is beautiful too.

  2. Just to let you know that I have set up a new blog to replace my lost one at:

    Hope to see you there soon!

  3. Hello Oast Lady! keep up the good progress with the reinvention of your lovely home.It will all be worth it!
    5 years after moving into our country pad (after 5 years in Wandsworth!) I am still trying to get my hubby to disguise/move the speaker wires which were "temporary" in my pretty High Days and Holidays Sitting Room!
    I have exactly the same dilemma with girlieness creeping into all areas of our home, naughty me! x

  4. For someone who says she has a love-hate relationship with decorating, you are doing very well indeed! Love that wardrobe!

    Lucky you for your patchwork Harmony gift - come see if you can win something cute on my site, I have a lovely giveaway going on and I think it might be your style?


    H x

  5. your home is looking lovely and calm, im trying to make our little cottage more me, but its so tiny and filled with toys and books!! fliss xx